Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Transformation Tuesday

Today I read something that really struck a chord with me.  “Transformation doesn’t start in your actions. It starts in your thoughts.”  What an amazing thought! 

What is it you want to do? You want to lose weight?  You want to start a business?  You want to build your credit?  Are you telling yourself positive things to get there? Are you planning? OR are you defeating yourself before you even start?

 When I was younger, I heard a pastor say that when he looks in the mirror, he claps. He tells God that he outdid himself this time. For a while, I practiced this myself. I must say that my confidence went through the roof.  Maybe it’s time I put this into practice again.  Maybe we all should. 

When you look in the mirror, think positively about every aspect of your body.   After all, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Maria and Ricardo's Tortilla Crisps

We had an awesome time trying the Tortilla crisps by Maria and Ricardo'ss at our Tryazon sponsored party. These are so light and crisp. They make a great snack or a healthier alternative as a nacho base. We had Sea Salt, Chipotle, and Pico de Gally flavors. My personal favorite is the Sea Salt.  Everyone else was partial to the Chipotle flavor.  

#tryazon #mariaandricardos

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

REVIEW: Ozeri WeightMaster Scale

This WeightMaster is a neat scale.  I got it in the black and I love it.  I like to call it a Smart Scale because it keeps track of your weight.  It has a large LED screen that is gives color coded alerts that allow you to ascertain whether you lost or gained weight.  The LED light changes green if you have lost weight or red if you have gained.  I like these colors, as I see green as affirmation to keep doing what I’m doing.  I see red as a sign to take caution.

The scale measures up to 440 pounds, which is generous in comparison to other scales.  My old only goes up to 350 pounds.    The scale has the ability to keep track of up to eight people.  Setup is pretty simple as well.  Upon opening the box, you only need to pull the tab from the battery compartment.  If you choose, you can enter statistics for each person that will be using this scale.  If everyone is in a different weight range, the scale is able to determine who is standing on the scale, which is neat.  Otherwise, you do have the option to choose the person. 

I think this scale is great for people who are on a weight loss regimen.  It is also helpful when you are looking to gain weight for health reasons.  My purpose is to lose.  I love to see the scale light up green when I step on it to let me know that I’m still doing well.  I do recommend it to anyone who is on a weight management program.  I like the design of this scale as well. It is slim with a decorative glass insert.  IT’s cool to see the floor through the scale.  I received this scale to test and I have had it for a few days.  So far, I have no complaints.


You can get it as Sears or at Walmart



Monday, December 12, 2016

REVIEW: Ozeri Ducky Thermometer

When this duck arrived, I was impressed by the size. I was expecting something a little smaller. This was a pleasant surprise.  It was ready to use right away. As soon as placed the duck in the tub, it started to calculate the temperature of the water. If the water is within the right range, the LED light turns green. If it is too hot, the LED turns red. If the water happens to be too cold, you will be met with a blue light. The packaging also has a chart that indicates the respective temperature ranges. 

I have two children. One is 6-months old and the other is 3-years old. Parents always worry when it comes to dealing with babies. This duck helps to put your mind at ease when it comes to the bath water. The thing I like most about this duck is that it was simple to teach my three-year-old to read it. He has a bad habit of jumping into any bath that is run. Mine are usually way too hot. Now, I sit the duck in the tub and he knows not to jump in if the duck’s light is red. This is so simple a child can use it. I received a sample of this duck to test.


REVIEW: Ozeri Tower Fan

We have three tower fans in our house, but this is my favorite. This fan has features that I didn’t even think were possible. Number one being a 360 degree oscillation feature! I didn’t know that was a thing. This feature alone is enough to make me extremely excited about this Ozeri Tower fan. In addition, you can have a more narrow rotation if you desire. This fan can also be set to 60, 90, and 120. If you have ever been sitting in a room while a fan was rotating and waiting your turn, you understand how epic the more narrow rotation is. I don’t have to wait as long for it to hit my side of the sofa or bed. This is a sleek-looking fan. 

It has a modern design that will fit any décor as a decoration piece. The LED screen is amazing. The numbers are large enough that I can see them from across the room. That makes the fact that a remote control is included even better. I hated having to guess what setting my fan was using after using the remote control or even worse having to get up and see. That defeated the purpose. 

Setup was quite simple. You just snap the two base parts together and use the hand screws to secure it to the base of the fan. I would suggest you snap the base together after feeding the cord between. If you do it without placing the cord in the middle first, you will likely have to take it apart to do so. The remote control takes a flat battery. You squeeze the tab on the bottom of the remove, and pull out the little drawer to insert it. There is a (+) sign to let you know which direction the battery should go. The entire process was less than ten minutes. I am impressed with this fan. It packs a punch. It has a nice air flow, is whisper quite, and you already know how I feel about the oscillation. So far, I am enjoying this fan and I would recommend this fan. A sample was provider for evaluation


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

REVIEW: Picnic Time Bamboo Coasters, Beautiful, Entertaining Tabletop Wine and Hot and/or Cold Beverage Coasters (6)

I honestly have been using a napkin as a coaster prior to receiving these coasters.  That method is actually pretty close to using nothing at all.  I find myself constantly folding the napkin as it becomes moist, until I have to toss sit and get another.  I also end up having to wipe a wet spot off the table.  It is annoying. 

I got these Bamboo Coasters in a 6-pack and I really like them.  The design with the contrasting colors is really nice and appealing to the eye.   They also match any décor, which is a bonus.   
The coasters are made very well.  I find them to be durable and they have passed the “toddler drop and throw test”. 

These are great for hot and cold beverages. I really like the groves on the coasters that help to catch the condensation and pull it away from your glass.  This way, your cup isn’t sitting in a pool of water like it would be on a flat coaster. 

The only point of improvement I would make is adding a lip around the edge to ensure that the condensation doesn’t make its way to table.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I can see it being an issue if there is excessive condensation.  

You can get them here on Amazon.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

No More AMAZON Reviewing!

A few years ago, a Facebook friend of mine started posting a lot of things with #GotItFree.  I was curious and asked how she kept getting things for free.  That’s when she introduced me to the website, ShopWithReviews.com.  This was a website that allowed you to get things for free in exchange for writing a review.  I was AMAZED at all the free stuff I could get.  From there, I found more sited.  Then, I was introduced to the Facebook groups that ran these promos.

Reviewing turned into a passion.  I loved the idea of trying products and giving my honest review so that other people could know the quality of the product and make an educated buying decision.  This was important to me because I also read reviews before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.  I really enjoyed taking pictures of the product in use and had just started adding videos. 
I considered myself a product tester and not just a reviewer.  I would actually use the products, and compare them to the description.   My reviews included this information as well.   If there was a major issue, I would let the seller know so that changes could be made to the product to make it better for consumers. 

There was a toy I reviewed that said it was for ages 1+.  The product had pieces the size of a pea  I know this would cause a MAJOR safety hazard if it were actually given to a toddler because they are still oral explorers.  I included this information in my review.  The seller reached out to me and I explained that a child could potentially die if we followed their recommended age guidelines.  The seller changed these guideline to a more suitable age for safety.  I was happy with my role as a product tester.

This was my life for a couple of years.  Then, about a month ago, I got the dreaded email.  Amazon had deleted all of my reviews and taken away my ability to review any products on their platform.  I felt crushed.  I talked to a few other reviewer friends and they had been wiped too.  We joked that Amazon was probably getting rid of all the reviewers because they only wanted reviewers from their Vine program to receive free products for review.  What was a joke then, became a reality just a month later! 

On October 3 Amazon announced that they would no longer allow reviews in exchange for discounts or products UNLESS you are a part of their Vine program.  Mind you, sellers have to pay to be a part of Amazon’s Vine program.  I hear it is a nice chunk of change too!  I find this sad because many sellers relied upon the help of reviewers to promote their new products.  Let’s not forget that many sellers had already given away products for free or heavily discounted, hoping to receive reviews that would boost their sales.  They lost a ton of money as Amazon made the changes effective immediately.

All is not lost.  Some reviewers are still chugging along by using their blogs and their social media platforms to spread the word about products.  This can actually be better for the seller, as the word gets out to many more people, along with a link to their product.  I am among those product testers that chooses to use my blog as a platform to showcase products that I love.  Hope you enjoy this content and find it useful.