Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW: Etekcity Etekfit Digital Bathroom Bluetooth Body Fat Weight Scale, 1-Year Warranty, FCC/CE/ROHS Approved, Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water Percentage, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Visceral Fat (11lb-400lb, Android/iOS App Tracking) (Health and Beauty)

I received this scale in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The reason I wanted this scale is because I am working toward my fitness goals. I have been reading a book that encourages you to weigh yourself daily in order to be accountable. I needed a reliable scale to do so.

The first thing I noticed about this scale is that it takes AA batteries which were included. I appreciate that! A lot of other scales take those flat batteries. AA is way easier to find. I really appreciate this company keeping things simple for me. This scale is also very attractive. I love the design.

I have had many other scales that were supposed to have the “step on” technology. None of t hem ever worked like that. My old scale, I actually had to pick it up and slam it down on the floor in order for it to come on. This scale by Etekcity actually comes on as soon as I step on it.
They have an app that the scale connects with via Bluetooth. The app tracks your weight and your body fat. The BMI is accurate, but I’m not so sure about the water and body fat analysis. It shows you your progress. You must be barefoot for the water and the fat to be calculated. I paired it with my Galaxy S6 with no problems.

The scale has been consistent for me. I move it to several reliable places around the house when I weigh just to make sure it is accurate. I say reliable places because I know that my floor can be unleveled in some places and show a lighter weight. I take it to the places that I know are level.

The LCD screen has a large display. It is very simple to read the numbers. That is appreciated. My toddler is learning numbers and likes to look at the lit numbers as well. He also likes to stand on the scale when I’m not looking. Since it is so responsive, it is harder to keep him away from it.

I love this scale. I am extremely impressed by its features, accurateness, and its sleek design. I recommend this scale to anyone who is looking to be accountable in their weight loss journey

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