Monday, April 6, 2020

My New Samsung Cooktop - NA30R5310FG/AA

I love, love, love this new Samsung cooktop. It has an amazingly sleek design and looks like it has always been a part of my kitchen. The stove has heavy cast-iron grates that sit above the flames. This helps to regulate the temperature and keep the pots and pans out of the direct flame. Speaking of temperature, this stove’s burners are powerful. It boils water amazingly fast, which was a surprise to me. I already have a favorite burner (the front right). Installation was a breeze. They had my old stove out and the new one in with ease. I could tell that they have been doing it for a long time. The installers were courteous and professional. The only thing I dislike about my new stove is that I have lost some cooking space. My old stove was the same size, but the position of the knobs allowed more actual cooking space. I can't really have four large pots on the stove at one time now. On the other hand, I appreciate the position of the control knobs, as I have singed the hair off my arm a few times trying to reach them on my old stove. So this isn’t a complete con. Cleanup has been simple. There are covers over each burner that keep food from falling on the them. Cleanup is just a mater of removing the grates and wiping the stove. No food has stuck to the surface yet. I would absolutely recommend this stove. After a couple weeks of consistent use, it has shown consistent performance. When people enter my home, it is one of the first things they’ve noticed.