Who is Ms. Tiffanie?

Today, I was going over my blog and realized that my “About Me” section needed to be updated.  As I started to make the update, I was at a block.  Why?  Well, until recently, when I wrote about myself it started out speaking about how I was a wife and mother.  That opening paragraph would, then, be adorned with wonderful words about my (then) husband.  I would even talk about the business that he owned doing plumbing and construction, and how happy I was.  The problem?  Those were lies!

I was a wife and mother.  That part was true.  My husband did not own a business.  In fact, he did not work or contribute to the household at all.   The part about me being happy?  Total crap!  My life was a struggle between staying sane and dealing with a husband who couldn’t keep it in his pants!   I wrote about my life how I wanted it to be instead of the way it was.  Knowing the things that I know now, I look back on what I had written and am actually thankful that I do not live in that denial anymore. 

So who am I now?  That is a loaded question and there can be so many different answers to it.  I’m sure if you asked different people in my life about me, they would all have a different answer.  I have personally always had difficulty answering questions about myself, which is probably why I used my go-to response.  BUT who am I?

Well, I’m a smart girl with big dreams.  I love to laugh and be silly as much as possible.  I am also serious and reserved.  Upon meeting me, you may thing I’m “stuck-up”, but upon getting to know me you realize that isn’t the case at all and I’m a really sweet girl who is fun to be around.  (I’m also cringing at the fact that I just ended that sentence with a preposition)

I suck at bowling, but have my own shoes and ball so that I can hit those gutter balls in style.  I love to dance, but I’m stiff as a board.  I also suck at pool…I guess I suck at sports or anything that requires bodily coordination.  It’s safe to say that I lack a certain grace that is required for such things. 

I, now, have an amazing boyfriend who takes care of me.  I don’t mean that in the superficial sense.  He takes care of my soul!  I have two children, a boy and a girl, that I call my set.  I also have some bonus children from my boyfriend.  They are also my product testing team.

I really enjoy writing about my experiences, hence this blog.  You will find information about my health journey, as well as product reviews.  Mixed in, you will find the occasional story about my life.  Hopefully, I keep it interesting for you!  

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