Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: Thick Glass Square Double Beverage Dispenser with Personalization Options on Metal Wire Stand, Elegant Party Centerpiece (1.37 Gallon Each)

This is my second beverage dispenser as well as my favorite. We throw a lot of parties and always have an alcoholic, as well as a non-alcoholic drink choice. This Double Beverage Dispenser is a great way to serve them both. Not only do I have two dispensers, but it comes with labels, where I can clearly label which is which.

Funny Story: I threw a party a few weeks ago. I didn’t have this beverage dispenser yet. I had my single glass dispenser borrowed a plastic dispenser. My dispenser had alcohol in it. The other was just lemonade. One of the guests approached me to say that she wasn’t getting tipsy from the drink I had made. I looked at her funny, and exclaimed “That’s because you’re drinking pink lemonade!” This story is why the labels are such an important addition for me. Being able to clearly label drinks can be quite important, especially if kids are attending.

Aside from tightening the spigot and setting the dispensers on the rack, there was no other assembly. My favorite feature about this dispenser set is the lid. The lid is flat and has a nice seal on it. My other dispenser has a tall decorative top. It is easy to accidentally knock off, and it doesn’t fit in the fridge. These will fit in the fridge without a problem (without the stand of course).

My fiancĂ© came up with a great idea to use one of the dispensers to fill the baby’s bottle with water. This was genius! We hate lugging the jug of water in the middle of the night and trying to measure the right amount. It is so much easier to fill it directly from this beverage dispenser into the bottle. Since the water stays at room temperature, we can just keep it on display.

I am super impressed with this beverage dispenser. It is decorative and durable. The glass is nice and thick and the stand made very well. I would absolutely recommend this product. It is amazing.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can find it here