Wednesday, October 19, 2016

REVIEW: Picnic Time Bamboo Coasters, Beautiful, Entertaining Tabletop Wine and Hot and/or Cold Beverage Coasters (6)

I honestly have been using a napkin as a coaster prior to receiving these coasters.  That method is actually pretty close to using nothing at all.  I find myself constantly folding the napkin as it becomes moist, until I have to toss sit and get another.  I also end up having to wipe a wet spot off the table.  It is annoying. 

I got these Bamboo Coasters in a 6-pack and I really like them.  The design with the contrasting colors is really nice and appealing to the eye.   They also match any décor, which is a bonus.   
The coasters are made very well.  I find them to be durable and they have passed the “toddler drop and throw test”. 

These are great for hot and cold beverages. I really like the groves on the coasters that help to catch the condensation and pull it away from your glass.  This way, your cup isn’t sitting in a pool of water like it would be on a flat coaster. 

The only point of improvement I would make is adding a lip around the edge to ensure that the condensation doesn’t make its way to table.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I can see it being an issue if there is excessive condensation.  

You can get them here on Amazon.  

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