Monday, November 2, 2015

REVIEW: Craft Sanding Sticks 50 Assorted Nail Files with Minor Flaws in a Variety of Grits and Shapes

I love the story of these sticks.  They started as nail files, but were repurposed because they had some defect in the manufacturing process.  Since they could not be used as nail files, they are used as sanding sticks.   I love that the company is keeping these products out of landfills.

If you’re a crafter, you need these sticks!  They do an excellent job of smoothing your projects.  The sticks come in varying thicknesses and sizes.  You can find just the right one to fill your needs. 

I actually have been using them on my nails.  After inspection, I didn’t find any reason not to use them.  They have done a great job for this purpose.  They don’t leave my nails splitting or cracking.  Some have been better than some emery boards or nail files that I have found no local beauty supply stores. 

Overall I am impressed with this product.   I do recommend it.

I received this product, free or discounted, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.